Maintaining Your Web Presence

Maintaining Your Web Presence

Examining your Web Presence

1) Start on the Exterior. Do the blink test. Look at a page on your website for about five seconds and then look away. What do you remember?  What can you tell about the business? Have any idea of the product or services being offered?  Your message should be clear and concise.

2) Clean out the Garage. Focus on pages like your ‘About Us’ for starters. Could you break it down into a separate Company Background page and a Team page? This can also be great for search engine marketing. More pages, more keywords, plus a better experience for your visitors (less text to read on one page). Win win!

3) Is it Time for an Update? Content is KING. In order to stay relevant to those visiting your site, including search engine crawlers, be sure to update your website content on a consistent basis. Update your site in conjunction with big promotions and sales, events and other notable activities, or when you introduce new products or services. Also, remember that reading on a screen is more difficult compared to print, the ‘less is more’ rule should be followed.

4) Don’t Neglect Needed Maintenance. Does your website need to be responsive so it’s easy to read on all devices? Could it use an upgrade to accept online payments? Maybe your listing in a Google search has lost its rank and needs to be optimized. Addressing these things will increase your website traffic and lead to increased sales of your product or service.

Don’t put it off any longer, ask us for help!

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