The primary purpose of having an SSL is that it will secure information between the user and your website. This way if someone tries to hack the website all of the user's data will be encrypted so the hacker cannot access it. There are also benefits for SEO. According to Google, SSL is now part of their search ranking algorithm. Which in a nutshell means that Google will deprioritize your website if you do not have an SSL.

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Cybernet NY Virtual Private Server Hosting vs Shared hosting


Increase Reliability- If someone in a shared hosting environment has problems with their site, it could damage your site.  A VPS gives you more control over your server. VPS pricing has come down in the last few years and is comparable to the price of shared hosting without the risk and performance issues. If your shared server crashes, it will take down your website too. Think about it, if when you went to the doctor, they offered you a private waiting room, away from all of the other sick patients wouldn't you take it? Why not do this for your website? We think that shared servers will becoming outdated just like the dial-up connection has. 

Historical Cloud Backups NEW 

Let's say someone hacks into your website, and you don't find out about it until two days later. If you have a weekly, monthly, or even annual backup we can restore your website correctly to how it was at that time and you will no longer be hacked if the backup was before the date of when the hacking occurred. Once your data is saved in a safe place, you might have to restore your website and files to the last time it was working correctly. Recovery is the last part of having a safe and secure website completing the circle of security.

Cybernet NY NEW Cloud Backup for your webpages
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