Historical Cloud Backups

cybernetny provides advanced secure historical cloud backups for websites.

What are Historical Cloud Backups?

Historical Cloud Backups are a way for your website to go back in time. This is good for security and also for people who like to make changes and tweaks to their sites.

What Can more frequent Historical Cloud Backups do for you?

One of the biggest things more backups can do for you is let's say someone hacks into your site, then a few days go by, and everything seems fine, about a week later they wreak havoc on your website. You figure no big deal, I have a 24-hour backup already I'll revert to yesterday, but they have been hacked in there for more than 24 hours already so if you revert they can still hack right back in. Another thing having more frequent cloud backups can do for you is that it will allow you to feel more comfortable about making changes to your site. This is because you will have more options if you want to revert the changes you made.

How Can I Get more frequent Backups?

Cybernet is glad to help! Call us at (516) 897-8419 or email info@cybernetny.com

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