Case Studies

Vintage Watch Specialists

Central Watch started out as a small watch repair facility in Grand Central Station located in NYC. There were several reasons for upgrading their web site and whole system.

The rapid expansion of Central Watch within their original space was the most important reason for boosting their whole web site and order tracking system.

The repair department exploded with growth making it necessary for an integrated system to track repairs securely for multiple users at multiple locations.

Cybernet developed an online solution to address the issue and keep customers informed at every step of the process via an online portal and email alerts. Consequently, their new system makes businsess run fluently for the staff as well as the customers.

Additionally, Cybernet runs Central Watch's client facing web site, e-commerce, SEO and Social Media promotions.

Generations of Service

Over the years, Cybernet developed three generations of web sites for this large plumbing and cesspool company in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Mangano's web site grows along with their growing business. Above all, keeping up with internet technology on their web site.

Thus, Cybernet took over their pay per click campaign, streamlined and manages Mangano's program and achieved lower cost per click. As a result, their budget is greatly reduced and their traffic has increased. Hence, their business has grown tremendously.

Linda Horn Treasures

A famed NYC, Madison Avenue antique retailer, Linda Horn, required a custom developed replacement for their retail point of sale system that would integrate in real time with their e-commerce site and remote storage location. In particular, Cybernet developed a single system to achieve this along with a redesigned client facing web site. As a result, sales have increased and transactions have become much smoother.

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